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Build the Scholar Lab

The 2016 Gala’s Fund-a-Need introduced a new project to transform Vandegrift High School’s library into a Learning Commons; a 21st Century digital library, where students share space for information technology, collaboration, group study, classroom instruction and more. Gala attendees raised $35,000 that evening for the project. Phase I, the group study space, was completed over the 2016 summer with a generous donation from Chase Flooring.

Completing Phase II of VNEF’s library renovation, the Scholar Lab, will be part of the 2017 Gala Fund-A-Need. For every $10 donated, $7 will be dedicated to the $38,000 necessary to complete the Scholar Lab, including the equipment needed to outfit the space.

The remaining $3 (or 30% of the total raised by the Gala’s Fund-A-Need) will be dedicated to high school and college preparation programs for both our middle and high school students. (For more on the 70/30 Fund-A-Need for 2017, go here.)

Join the Legacy

Donors at $500 received the opportunity for a special designation that will highlight one student’s name and class year. Families who gave $1,000 or more can highlight all siblings. VNEF envisions a striking visual tribute for future and current Vipers and Vandegrift alumni alike. This naming opportunity will continue as we raise $100,000 to complete the Scholar Lab.

Donate Today
To join the more than 50 students represented by the families below, you can donate to the building the Scholar Lab today.


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Thank you, 2016 Fund-A-Need Donors


$3,000 Level

Kai and Michelle Lamb Family
Jordan Lamb, Class of 2019
Reagan Lamb, Class of 2023

Arin and Chris Reid Family
Eilla Carmon Reid, Class of 2021
Braden Christopher Reid, Class of 2025
Dax Everett Reid, Class of 2029

$1,000 Level

James and Kristy Armer Family
Dylan Armer, Class of 2020
Cole Armer, Class of 2022

Christine and David Bailie Family
Noah Bailie, Class of 2020
Mirabelle Bailie, Class of 2026

Michelle and Doug Beck Family
Maddie Beck, Class of 2019
Carson Beck, Class of 2020

Rene and Samantha Betancourt Family
Genevieve Betancourt, Class of 2020
Dominique Betancourt, Class of 2023
Annelisse Betancourt, Class of 2025

Jennifer and Brent Cardwell Family
Grace Cardwell, Class of 2021
McKenna, Class of 2023

Jerry and Iris Chan Family
Nicholas Chan, Class of 2019
Eric Chan, Class of 2022

Pete and Misti Dwyer Family
Colton Dwyer, Class of 2022
Hunter Dwyer, Class of 2025

Andrew and Jennifer Dummar Family
Taylor Dummar, Class of 2021
Brayden Dummar, Class of 2023

Kelly and Pete Eichorn Family
Natalie Parks Eichorn, Class of 2017
Elaina O’Shea Eichorn, Class of 2019

Hanna Haide and Julius Horvath Family
Peter Horvath, Class of 2018
Matthew Horvath, Class of 2020

Philip and Chris Jalufka Family
Jordan Jalufka, Class of 2017
Jensen Jalufka, Class of 2019

Michael and Stephanie Johnson Family
Michael Johnson Jr, Class of 2014
Adam Johnson, Class of 2018

Brenda and Lance Langford Family
Alyse Langford, Class of 2013
Davis Langford, Class of 2016
Jake Langford, Class of 2018

John and Kathleen Pasquarette Family
Ellie Pasquarette, Class of 2017
Will Pasquarette, Class of 2019

Ketan and Peggi Patel Family
Kyra Patel, Class of 2018

Brian and Shelle Pitman Family
Kelsee Pitman, Class of 2013
Reid Pitman, Class of 2016
Trevor Pitman, Class of 2018

Chris and Pam Province Family
Rice Province, Class of 2018
Will Province, Class of 2022

Cory and Chris Riddell Family
Audrey Riddell, Class of 2020
Amelia Riddell, Class of 2021

Jenny and John Rosas Family
Nick D. Rosas, Class of 2018
Jack M. Rosas, Class of 2018

Chris and Jill Stearns Family
Samantha Stearns, Class of 2016
Spencer Stearns, Class of 2020

Erin and Chris Turnley Family
Regan Turnley, Class of 2021
Nolan Turnley, Class of 2024
Evan Turnley, class of 2026

$500 Level

Bob and Bonnie Baskin

Gene and Susan Arant Family
Olivia Arant, Class of 2018

Sherry and Sean Coughlin Family
Madeline Coughlin, Class of 2017

Alica and Tom Harrison Family
Kara Harrison, Class of 2021

Shara and Matt Hughes Family
Nicholas Hughes, Class of 2018

Sandra Lelinski Family
Danielle Lelinski, Class of 2020

Laurie and Stephen Moore Family
Jennifer Moore, Class of 2019

Tim and Teri Radloff Family
Ryan Radloff, Class of 2019

Geoffrey and Mary Scherer Family
Drew Scherer, Class of 2015

Dana and Don Schwent Family
Sophia Schwent, Class of 2017

Ben and Jill Sheppard Family
Mitchell Sheppard, Class of 2018

Brian and Stacy Smith Family
Chloe Smith, Class of 2017

Stephen and Tiffaney Whiteside
Drayton Whiteside, Class of 2016

Bob and Keri Wootton Family
Brady Wootton, Class of 2020

Kelly and Jessica Wunsch Family
Fischer Wunsch, Class of 2020