2017 Excellence in Education Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to these Vandegrift High School seniors who represent an impressive array of graduates who will pursue degrees in the STEM fields, business, journalism and medicine. We applaud their hard work and wish them great success in their higher education journey. Special thanks to our sponsors for honoring these students with scholarships.

Cardwell Family Scholarship/Cedar Park Pediatrics and Family Medicine:
$1000 scholarship
Ashneen Rahman
University of California, Santa Barbara

Mark and Karen Wisniewski Scholarship:
$2,500 scholarship
Riya Saxena
Northwestern University

Four Points News:
$ 500 scholarship
Carson Field
Arizona State University

Bhatt Family / Four Points Dermatology:
$1000 scholarship
Grace Massamillo
University of Texas at Austin

Bhatt Family / Four Points Dermatology:
$1000 scholarship
Kellie Walker
Michigan State University

Viper Nation Education Foundation Scholarships: 5 (five)
$1000 scholarships

Spoorthi Kamepalli
Rice University

Elizabeth Patterson
United States Air Force Academy

Carmella Quintos
Vanderbilt University

Linnea May
Cornell University

Emma Claypool
University of Florida

In 2014, Viper Nation Education Foundation launched the Scholarship Endowment Fund and Excellence in Education Scholarship initiative. Vandegrift High School students can obtain an application from the VHS Counseling department when the scholarship window opens in February of each year. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, email