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Iris Wong Memorial Fund for the Creative Arts
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I want to support Viper Nation Education Foundation.

Thank you for considering a gift to Viper Nation Education Foundation.

Below are two ways to give;

to the Fund-A-Need initiative, and to K-12 Academic Programming.


Fund-A-Need! >


The 2017 Viper Nation Gala Fund-A-Need is dedicated to supporting two initiatives:

Phase II of the Vandegrift Scholar Lab

VNEF funded programs for High School and College Readiness

  • 70% of this year’s Fund-A-Need donations will be dedicated to Phase II of Vandegrift High School’s Scholar Lab*: Phase II of the transformation of the Vandegrift Library will create a media and technology supportive, collaborative workspace that does not currently exist but is greatly needed at Vandegrift High School. Having spent 3 years studying the transformation of college campus libraries into technology-driven collaborative work spaces, LISD’s new Superintendent, Dr. Dan Troxell, supports this project.
  • 30% of this year’s Fund-A-Need donations will be dedicated to High School and College Readiness Programs –Existing VNEF-supported programs for middle and high school students, such as the 8th grade PSAT, Naviance, College JumpStart, PSAT Boot Camp, and in-school SAT support. These are some of VNEF’s most valued programs for our students. With these funds, we hope to strengthen our high school and college readiness programs, especially for the students who need extra academic support the most. Read more about Viper Nation Education Foundation High School and College Readiness Programs.


K-12 Academic Programs >


Viper Nation Education Foundation

provides annual financial support to the following successful initiatives.

  • Impact Grants to Educators in all 8 Viper Nation schools. ($35k – $45k/year)
  • UIL Academic Competition ($3k/year)
  • Professional Development for Teachers (Annual amount varies)
  • Robotics for elementary, middle and high school ($7k-$8k/year)
  • STEM/Science Fairs ($500/year per elementary school)
  • Digital books for Overdrive, summer library programming, Makerspace stations and Book Swap at Cups and Cones ($1k-$4k/year)
  • Four Points Homework Help, run by VHS students ($1.5k/year)

Your financial contributions will ensure their continuation during the 2017-2018 school year.

*Fund-A-Need donor recognition wall: As promised during the 2016 Fund-A-Need drive, a donor recognition wall is still part of the VHS Library project. It will honor all those who have participated at the $500 level (one child’s name), and the $1,000 level and above (names of all children in the family). New levels of donations to Phase II of the project will also be honored, so that this wonderful asset for Vandegrift can be realized.

To save us the 2.9% PayPal fee, please send in your check for a donation to:

Viper Nation Education Foundation

2900 North Quinlan Parkway, Suite B-240 PMB 109, Austin, Texas, 78732

Thank you supporters of Viper Nation Education Foundation!